TMD/TMJ Treatment in Rock Hill

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint on either side of your mouth that connects your jaw to your skull. The TMJ helps you perform vital dental functions but is also a source of incessant pain for many who experience temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Our office uses therapeutic technology to help you live a life uninterrupted by TMD!

TMD/TMJ Treatment in Rock Hill

Benefits of TMD/TMJ Treatment

TMD is not a comfortable experience. When you come to Premier Smiles & Implant Dentistry, we will be extra aware of that and do our best to understand what you’re going through. Not only will you find our treatment process personal and customized, but you will also experience:

  • Bruxism Relief: Grinding and clenching your teeth at night, also known as bruxism, leads to dental wear and tear that will eventually need to be addressed. By seeking out TMJ therapy you are taking an important step towards safeguarding your smile.
  • Less Pain: TMJ can make eating an incredibly painful experience due to soreness and jaw tenderness. With TMJ therapy, you will be able to eat all of the foods you love without pain or a locking jaw.
  • Headache Relief: The pain from the temporomandibular joint can radiate into the neck, shoulders, and head, causing terrible and constant headaches. Getting treatment from us will put an end to the pain and restore your quality of life.
  • Better Sleep: One symptom of TMD is bruxism, or teeth grinding. This unconscious habit often happens during sleep. With our TMJ treatment, you will sleep more soundly and have headache relief when you wake up.
  • Improved Overall Health: Reducing pain, getting better sleep, and restoring the function of your jaw will help you have better overall health and allow you to be happier in your daily life.

The jaw affects so many areas of your health; you will be surprised at how many life improvements will occur by choosing to address this disorder. If you’re interested in pain or headache relief, Premier Smiles & Implant Dentistry is here to help!

How TMD/TMJ Treatment works

TMJ disorder is incredibly common—over 12 percent of Americans are affected by it. The temporomandibular joint is incredibly useful because it allows you to eat, chew, and talk. However, this complex joint can also cause many life-altering problems when it is hurt or overworked.

  • Pain and/or tenderness that you experience in your face when you use your jaw.
  • Facial pain that consistently aches.
  • Locking of your joint that makes it difficult and painful to open or close your mouth.
  • Severe pain that aches in the area surrounding your ear.

These are just some of the symptoms and you may experience all or some of them. If this list describes you, we recommend that you call our office so that we can help.


At Premier Smiles & Implant Dentistry, we use splint therapy to help you find relief from TMD.

A splint is a piece of dental technology that we create for your teeth that prevents you from grinding or clenching your teeth at night. It looks similar to a retainer and is a protective covering that you wear over all or part of your teeth, depending on your specific symptoms.

The splint that you will receive is easy to wear, and it is immediately effective at preventing your TMJ from being overactive. After you receive your splint you will wear it every night to help with your TMJ.


In addition to designing a splint for you to wear, we will also address a long-term treatment plan for TMD. Every mouth is different, and for some patients, a splint is just the first step in addressing the symptoms of a larger problem. Other work, such as correcting an overbite or underbite might be necessary.

During your visit to our office, we will review your unique situation to help give you a complete picture of what comprehensive treatment will look like.


If you live in Rock Hill or Fort Mill and are one of the many people affected by TMD/TMJ, we can provide immediate relief through bite guard therapy. Contact Premier Smiles & Implant Dentistry to schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment and headache relief. With just a few visits, your smile will be transformed into a smile you could wear on the runway.